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Notice of offer to purchase outstanding debentures of Canadian Royalty Funding Corp

Hamilton, Bermuda – June 7, 2018In a filing with the Bermuda Stock Exchange (“BSX”), Canadian Royalty Funding Corp (the “Company” or “CRFC”; Ticker: CRFSR.BH) announce that they would like to purchase up to $554,000 principal amount of its outstanding convertible unsecured senior redeemable debentures. The full filing stated:


Notice of offer to purchase outstanding debentures of Canadian Royalty Funding Corp. 


Canadian Royalty Funding Corp. (“CRFC”) would like to purchase up to $554,000 principal amount of its outstanding convertible unsecured senior redeemable debentures (the “Debentures”).


CRFC would like to purchase Debentures at a purchase price that is equal to full par value ($1,000 per Debenture) plus accrued and unpaid interest up to the date of purchase, which will be July 6, 2018 (the “Closing Date”). The purchase price per Debenture is $1,001.64. Holders of Debentures that are repurchased will be entitled to the interest due and payable on the Debentures on June 30, 2018.


If Holders wish to sell Debentures having an aggregate principal amount greater than $554,000, CRFC will purchase Debentures tendered on a pro-rated basis. As a result, Debentures that are not purchased by CRFC will be returned to the relevant Holders. Only whole Debentures will be purchased, and CRFC will arrange for the issuance of new certificates representing any Debentures not purchased.


If a Holder wishes to sell Debentures to CRFC, the Holder should send the following to CST Trust Company, the depositary, to any of the addresses set forth below. Such items need to be received in original form by CST Trust Company from the Holder no later than 5:00 p.m. (Toronto time) on June 29, 2018:


·         Executed original copy of the securities purchase agreement, including a completed and executed original of Schedule “A” (the Letter of Transmittal), and

·         Original certificate(s) for the Debentures to be purchased.



For Delivery by Mail

                                                           AST Trust Company (Canada)

P.O. 4202, Station A

                                                Toronto, Ontario

                                                M5V 2V6

                                                Attention: Corporate Actions


For Delivery by Hand, Courier or Registered Mail 


                                                AST Trust Company (Canada)

1 Toronto Street

Suite 1200

Toronto, Ontario M5C 2V6


Upon confirmation of receipt of the above deliverables by CST Trust Company and satisfaction by CRFC that the materials are in proper order, CRFC will execute the relevant securities purchase agreements on the Closing Date to purchase Debentures having an aggregate principal amount equal to the lesser of (i) $554,000; and (ii) the principal amount of Debentures tendered by Holders for purchase.


To the extent CRFC does not purchase any or all of the Debentures of a Holder, CST Trust Company will return to the Holder the original Debenture certificate(s) representing those Debentures not purchased, as applicable.



Further information about the Company and this release please contact:


Canadian Royalty Funding Corporation

150 King Street West, Suite 1702

Toronto, ON M5H 1J9

Tel: 416 862 7755.



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09:00-16:30 Continuous Trading


TEL: +1 (441) 292 7212
FAX: +1 (441) 292 7619


30 Victoria Street
3rd Floor
Hamilton, Bermuda


P.O. Box HM 1369
Hamilton HMFX



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