Delisted on: 2010/12/16
ISIN: VGG674041063
FIGI: BBG000K772Z1
Tel: 352 229 444
Fax: 352 229 466
The Fund was incorporated on 14 February 2003 under the laws of the British Virgin Islands as an open-ended investment company and is classified as a Professional Fund under the Mutual Funds Act 1996.

The Fund has been established as a master-feeder structure and will invest primarily into a portfolio of funds managed by Octane Management Ltd.

The Investment objective of the Fund is to seek long term capital appreciation by investing the Fund's assets primarily among the Octane Funds which seek diversified investment opportunities primarily in the global equity, debt, commodity, or currency markets.

As an investment strategy, the Fund will invest primarily in a balance of Octane Funds that provide for a 'fund of hedge funds" or a "single manager" strategy (a strategy that aims to produce constant positive returns irrespective of stock market or bond performance). The broad allocation guideline between these types of funds shall approximately be two-thirds to the fund of hedge funds strategy and the remaining one third to the alpha generating single manager strategies.

Granted voluntary de-listing, effective 16 December, 2010, at request of Directors (no current shareholders) as permitted under the BSX Listing Regulations, Section I, Chapter 2, Regulation 2.31

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