BSX issues CUSIP/ISIN numbers for Bermuda

The BSX issues CUSIP/ISIN numbers for all securities/issues registered and or domiciled in Bermuda as the designated CUSIP/ISIN Numbering Agent for Bermuda. 

Cost and Turnaround Times

For a standard turnaround time of 48 hours, the cost for a Bermudian ISIN/CUSIP is $325 per security per class.

For faster requests (4 to 6 hour return of confirm), please add $125 per security per class to the above cost i.e. $450 per security per class. 

The CFI (Classification of Financial Instruments) and FISN (Financial Instrument Short Name) are included at no additional cost.

Application Procedures for a CUSIP/ISIN Number

To successfully complete a CUSIP/ISIN application, please forward an email with the following details to

  1.  An email outlining the application request.
  2. An e-copy of the OM/prospectus with the necessary supplements.
  3. An e-copy of the completed wire receipt to cover the fees. Applications will be fully processed upon receipt of cleared funds.
  4. The BSX will return a confirm from the CUSIP Service Bureau as your receipt. The confirm will outline the CUSIP, ISIN, an abbreviated description of the security, along with the security’s CFI and FISN codes. 

What are CUSIPs and ISINs

In general, CUSIP number refers to issues that are typically of a North American origin whereas ISIN numbers typically refers to all other/International issues.

Standardized numbers such as CUSIP/ISIN numbers are essential for securities that are traded and settled through global securities markets and clearing institutions.

CUSIP/ISIN numbers for securities registered/domiciled in Bermuda are identified by the prefix “BMG“ and followed by 9 digits, for example: BMG123456789.

In Bermuda the BSX in cooperation with the CUSIP Servicing bureau (a division of Standard & Poors) is the EXCLUSIVE contact for the issuance of an identification number for those securities/issues registered or domiciled in Bermuda. 

To obtain more information in respect of the issuance of CUSIP/ISIN numbers please contact the Operations Department of the BSX



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