Orbis House
25 Front Street
Hamilton HM 11

Tel: 441 296 3000
Fax: 441 296 3001
Email: clientservice@orbisfunds.com

Website: www.orbisfunds.com

The Company, formerly Orbis Japan Equity (Yen) Fund Limited, continued its existence under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg effective 29 November 2002.

Orbis SICAV comprises four sub-funds - Japan Core Equity Fund, Japan Equity Fund, Global Equity Fund and Asia ex-Japan Equity Fund. The Japan Equity Fund issues Japan Equity (Yen) Shares and Japan Equity (Euro) Shares. The Japan Core Fund issues Japan Core (Yen) Shares. The Global Equity Fund and the Asia ex-Japan Equity Fund issue Investor Shares, Refundable Reserve Fee Shares and Fee Reserve Shares.

The objective of the Global Equity Fund is to achieve higher returns than the average of the world's equity markets without greater risk.

The Global Equity Fund is managed by Orbis Investment Management Limited.  Orbis Investment Advisory Limited provides advice on investments to the Manager.



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