c/o Appleby Corporate Services Palm Grove House P.O. Box 3190 Tortola British Virgin Islands

Listed Since: 2007/12/21
Delisted on: 2016/06/10
CUSIP: G74983100
ISIN: VGG749831001
Tel: +7 495 258 7788
Fax: +7 495 725 5256
Email: ATemkin@rencap.com

Fund Investment Objective:


The investment objective of the Company is to achieve medium term capital growth by making investments into listed and unlisted financial instruments, equities, bonds, loan agreements, standard loan portfolios, promissory notes, other debt instruments, pledges and securitisation instruments of companies in default in various sectors in Russia, the other members of the CIS and the Baltic States. The Company will focus primarily on distressed instruments in the banking sector.


The Company may also invest in forward contracts, futures, options, and other types of derivatives, may purchase securities on margin, may sell securities short and may engage in repurchase transactions, stock borrowing, lending and other similar transactions. The Company may also occasionally invest in government and corporate debt instruments of foreign issuers, when deemed appropriate.


The Directors may amend the investment objective and policies of the Company if they determine such amendment to be in the best interests of the Shareholders as a whole.


Bloomberg Ticker for NAV:      RENDISA VI

Bloomberg Ticker for Bid/Ask: RDA.BH





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