Apex Fund Services Ltd Williams House, 3rd Floor, 20 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda
Listed Since: 2012/11/05
Delisted on: 2018/12/31
Tel: (562) 513-3709
Fax: (562) 513-3710
Email: lwoodbridge@apollo.com

Company Overview: The Company offers the TRUE™ System, a comprehensive suite of enterprise class software products that seek to provide superior economic returns in credit portfolio management by increasing efficiency in debt collection.  AES’s customers, large banks and other financial institutions, utilize the TRUE™ System as outsourced Software as a Service (“SaaS”). Without disrupting the bank’s existing systems, AES’ TRUE™ System applies the bank’s business rules (e.g. how much discount to apply to a customer group) to the bank’s own data and combines that with outside information, such as credit bureau reports, to formulate highly targeted debt settlement offers for delinquent accounts or even new offers to good standing accounts. The combination of information increases collections, enables replacement of manual systems, and reduces administration and staffing and is estimated to produce approximately $50,000,000 in additional gross margin on a $10,000,000,000 loan portfolio. 


Conversion Terms:  There are 4,700,000 warrants to purchase Common Shares at an exercise price of USD$1.70/Share during the two-year period commencing from the closing date on which the Securities are sold to the subscriber.


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