Canon’s Court,
22 Victoria Street,
Hamilton HM 12,
Listed Since: 2014/01/30
Delisted on: 2014/06/13
CUSIP: G52142AC3
Tel: (441) 248 6811

Kane SAC Limited  is a Bermuda exempted company registered as a Class 3 insurer and as a Class C insurer under the Insurance Act 1978, as amended, and as a segregated accounts company registered under the Segregated Accounts Companies Act 2000, as amended, acting in respect of its segregated account designated as “Series 1-2013” consisting of  US$9,523,770 Series 1-2013 Notes due 5 June 2014. (the “Series 1-2013 Notes”) under the Kane SAC Limited Note Program (the “Program”).



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