Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton Bermuda

Listed Since: 2014/08/15
Delisted on: 2016/05/17
CUSIP: G0132J102
ISIN: BMG0132J1027
Tel: 1441 295 2043
Fax: 1 441 295 2047

Company Description: Africa International Capital Ltd (the”Company”) is a segregated account company.  The Company’s Angola Portfolio’s strategic objective is to become one of the pre-eminent real estate operators in Angola with respect to both residential and commercial property, through sale or lease, and to develop assisted purchase programmes which are intended to provide products for the low to middle income housing markets which suffer from the absence of functioning or sufficient mortgage supply. It is intended to structure such programmes in a way that allows the Company to produce capital gains from the outset through proprietary business models.

The delivery of this strategy will incorporate the acquisition, management, development or redevelopment and sale of real estate assets. The Company will aim to implement best practice real estate management, including marketing and sales focus. The Company will seek to work with international and local property developers.





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