Argonaut House 5 Park Road Hamilton HM 09 Bermuda
Listed Since: 2015/04/20
Delisted on: 2017/11/03
CUSIP: G68479107
ISIN: BMG684791079
Tel: 441 292 7979
Fax: 441 292 4069

Ozics Holdings, Ltd. is a sales and marketing company operating under license from Ozics OY, a Finland based corporation, for the purpose of commercializing a proprietary, unique bone cement technology used in orthopedic surgery.  The cement promotes greater stability, decreases healing time and augments the efficacy of standard orthopedic hardware used to hold bones together.  The product is already fully certified in the European Union.  The Company intends to seek US FDA approval, but is poised to commence marketing activities in Europe immediately.

Fiscal Year Ending:  December 31

Company Administrator:  Argonaut Limited

Auditors:  Deloitte, Ltd. (Bermuda)




BSX Trading History (USD)

Unadjusted For Stock Dividends and Stock Splits

BSX Market Cap. History (USD)

Date Shares Issued Price Market Cap
At Listing 11,340,000   17,010,000
2015/06/02 11,340,000 1.50 17,010,000




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