Amba House,
15 College Road,
Harrow HA1 1BA,
Listed Since: 2016/03/28
BSX Currency: GBP
Tel: 44 20 8424 8262
Open To: Qualified Investors

Company Description

Rivers Leasing PLC (“the Issuer”) is a privately held company incorporated under the laws of England & Wales registration number (07376100) engaged in small-ticket asset leasing and business loan business based in Harrow, London. The Issuer finances IT hardware, photocopiers, salon equipment, drinks machines, plant and machinery, medical and health equipment and many other types of commercial equipment under leases, and offers business loans for general corporate purposes. The end customers are mostly UK SME’s operating in a variety of business sectors.


The Issuer is issuing Notes (the “Notes”) in order to finance the growth of its lease and loan book and to diversify its funding sources away from traditional banks. The Notes will represent secured obligations of the Issuer, guaranteed by Rivers Finance Group PLC, the Issuer’s parent company. The proceeds of the Note issues will be used by used to expand the Issuer’s leasing and business loan business and book.


The Issuer has constituted a loan note programme (the “Programme”) and intends to issue a total principal amount of £12,000,000 loan notes. The Programme consists of secured loan notes with an interest rate of 8.50% per annum and a three year maturity. The nominal amount of each Note is a minimum of £10,000. Note Issue 5 and Issue 6 are listed by way of Introduction and that all further issues of Notes be listed on the BSX. Note Issues 1 through 4 are held by UK domiciled investors and are not listed on the BSX. Notes issued under the Programme will be offered only to Qualified Investors under Section IIIB of the BSX Listings Regulations.





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