Cedar House,
41 Cedar Avenue,
Hamilton HM 12,
Listed Since: 2016/06/16
Delisted on: 2019/06/21
Tel: 971 4352 4006
Fax: 971 4352 4059
Email: groupfinance@centaurasset.com

The Company intends to issue a total principal amount of $15,000,000 12% p.a bonds (the “Bonds”) (together the “Programme”) acting in respect of and through the Issuer. The Bonds may be issued in separate tranches and will have a three year maturity.  The proceeds of issue of the Bonds shall be used by the Issuer for the purposes of debt financing business projects of Centaur affiliates in relation to the development of various mining projects in the coal and copper sector predominantly in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Namibia and/or the acquisition of capital equipment to expand current mining operations and/or to finance current sand, gravel and asphalt production for existing project.

Annual reports are located on the Programme webpage.

Centaur Group Finance Ltd Segregated Account 1 "Centaur Natural Resources Bond" Twelfth tranche was admitted to the BSX on June 16, 2016 and consists of 12% Bonds, Due June 15, 2019 in the nominal amount of US$205,000 of Bonds coming under Section IIIB of the BSX Listing regulations for Qualified Investors.




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