Clarendon House,
2 Church Street, Hamilton, Bermuda
Listed Since: 2019/02/28
BSX Currency: BMD
CUSIP: 75049SAA1
Tel: 1-441-295-2220
Open To: Qualified Investors

Radnor Re 2019-1 Ltd. The Issuer is a Bermuda exempted company incorporated under the laws of Bermuda on 20 December 2018 and registered as a Special Purpose Insurer in Bermuda effective 14 January, 2019. Its issued shares are held pursuant to the terms of the Radnor Re Purpose Trust by Conyers Trust Company (Bermuda) Limited (the “Share Trustee”). The business of the Issuer will consist solely of the issuance of the Series 2019-1 Notes, and the entering into and performance of reinsurance agreements, other risk transfer agreements and related agreements and activities as applicable.


Radnor Re 2019-1 Ltd. US$84,547,000 Rule 144A Class M-1A Series 2019-1 Mortgage Insurance-Linked Notes due February 25 2029;




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