4th Floor, 25/28 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Listed Since: 2021/06/25
BSX Currency: EUR
CUSIP: 53625EAA1
ISIN: XS2356204052
Tel: 353 1 605 3000
Fax: 353 1 605 3010
Email: spvireland@marsh.com
Open To: Qualified Investors


Lion III Re DAC (Issuer) is a designated activity company limited by shares incorporated under the laws of Ireland on March 5, 2021, under company number 689732, and authorized a special purpose vehicle in Ireland under the European Union (Insurance and Reinsurance) Regulations 2015 of Ireland.


Lion III Re DAC’s XEU200,000,000 Principal-At-Risk Variable Rate Notes due July 16, 2025.




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