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SRT Marine Systems plc (the "Company" or “SRT”) and its subsidiaries develop and supply technologies, products and systems which provide maritime domain awareness (“MDA”). MDA is the understanding and tracking of the maritime domain for the sake of security, safety, economy or the environment. The Company’s systems are used across a range of applications including, maritime surveillance border control and security, fishery monitoring & management, infrastructure monitoring, search and rescue and environment monitoring. SRT’s products provide customers with information, analysis, dynamic event visualisation, and management functionality that enable them to understand, monitor, control and manage maritime activities.

SRT has developed specialist knowledge and technologies in the area of MDA and in the development of Automatic Identification System (“AIS”) technologies and derivative products and systems. AIS is an international VHF radio based data communications technology standard which was developed and continues to be maintained and evolved by IEC and ITU international technical committees under the auspices of the International Maritime Organisation (“IMO”). AIS is a sophisticated ‘mesh’ network radio communications system technology specifically designed for the marine domain. It uses an intelligent combination of GPS and VHF radio to enable real time, simultaneous data communication between multiple, independent entities providing information such as identity, GPS position, course, speed and other customised data.

The Notes shall be subject to a minimum subscription amount of £100,000 and issued in a Note Series under the Programme. The Programme may issue Note Series with different interest rates and maturities in sterling. Details of the Interest Rate and Maturity Date for a Note Series will be set out in the Pricing Supplement to which that Note Series relates.




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