Suite 1, 6th Floor
50 Broadway, London SW1H 0BL
United Kingdom
Listed Since: 2023/09/07
BSX Currency: GBP
Open To: Qualified Investors

Universal Leasing Ltd t/a Admiral Leasing & Loans (“Admiral” or the “Company” or the “Issuer”) is an alternative finance business, which principally offers finance products to SMEs across the UK to fund the purchase of business-critical equipment and free up working capital. The Company is seeking to establish a £10m secured medium term note programme (the “Programme”) to provide additional capital to support the growth of its lending activities.

The Issuer was incorporated with limited liability under the laws of England and Wales on 11 March 2005. The Issuer has an authorised share capital of £3,500,000 divided into 500,000 Ordinary Shares par value £1.00 each and 3,000,000 Preference Shares par value £1.00 each.

Universal Leasing Ltd t/a Admiral Leasing & Loans - Series 03 £1,000,000 Secured Notes due 22 August 2026




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