AGH 4.14 0.00 Vol 0 BAS 2 0.00 Vol 0 BFM 20.49 0.00 Vol 12 BG23B 0 0.00 Vol 0 BPH 4.26 0.00 Vol 0 DEVON 0 0.00 Vol 0 LOM 3.2 0.00 Vol 0 NTB 33 0.00 Vol 700 ONE 3.95 0.00 Vol 0 POLAR 0 0.00 Vol 0 SOM 15.5 0.00 Vol 0 WHHL 4 0.00 Vol 0 WWW 29 0.00 Vol 0
Market Closed:
Stevedore House, 38 Front Street, Hamilton HM12
Listed Since: 2011/02/28
Currency: BMD
ISIN: BMG7170T1080
Bloomberg Global ID: BBG000C26V60
Telephone: (441) 292-3366
Fax: (441) 295-8708

Polaris Holding Company Ltd. (POLAR.BH) is the parent company of Stevedoring Services Limited, Mill Reach Holding Ltd., and Equipment Sales & Rentals Ltd.

Stevedoring Services Limited (formerly listed on the BSX under ticker: STVD.BH) is a stevedoring company with a license to operate the Hamilton docks in Bermuda.

Mill Reach Holdings Ltd. owns and manages property located at #7 Mills Reach Lane, Pembroke, Bermuda.

Equipment Sales and Rentals Ltd. owns the heavy equipment which is leased to Stevedoring Services Ltd.

The reorganization of the companies was made under a Scheme of Arrangement in accordance with the Companies Act 1981 and was agreed by the shareholders of Stevedoring Services Ltd. on Wednesday, 16 March 2011 and was sanctioned by the Bermuda Supreme Court on Friday, 25 March 2011.

As a result of the reorganization, trading in shares of Stevedoring Services Limited on the Bermuda Stock Exchange ceased and its listing was cancelled. The common shares of Polaris Holding Company Ltd. were approved for listing on the Bermuda Stock Exchange effective Monday, 28 March 2011.

Shareholders of Stevedoring Services Limited became shareholders of Polaris Holding Company Ltd. in the same proportion as their current shareholding (i.e. for each share of Stevedoring held they will receive a share of Polaris).

Polaris Holding Company Limited Subsequent Issue of 46,154 Common Shares; effective April 26, 2019.

The Shares are being placed as part of the consideration for the acquisition of the East End Asphalt Company Limited which terms include 46,154 common shares equating to BD$300,000 based on market value of $6.50 per share.

BSX Trading History, Unadjusted For Stock Dividends and Stock Splits


Date Shares Issued Price Market Cap
2020/05/07 1,187,132 8.95 10,624,831

Dividend History, Unadjusted For Stock Dividends and Stock Splits




08:30-09:00 Price Discovery
09:00-16:30 Continuous Trading


TEL: +1 (441) 292 7212
FAX: +1 (441) 292 7619


30 Victoria Street
3rd Floor
Hamilton, Bermuda


P.O. Box HM 1369
Hamilton HMFX



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