30 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 12

Listed Since: 1995/05/01
Delisted on: 2021/02/10
BSX Ticker: ONE.BH
CUSIP: G67552102
ISIN: BMG675521022
FIGI: BBG000K21W82
Tel: (441) 700-7300

Founded in 1998, One Communications Ltd. (formerly KeyTech Limited) is a diverse telecommunications holding company listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange. Its subsidiary companies specialise in cellular voice, high-speed internet, subscription television and data solutions for both residential and corporate customers.  The operating subsidiaries of One Communications Ltd. are Logic Communications Ltd. (trading as One Communications),  Bermuda Digital Communications Ltd. (trading as One Communications), Cable Co. Ltd., and WestTel Limited in the Cayman Islands (trading as Logic).

One Communications Ltd. is a publicly traded investment holding company whose shares trade on the Bermuda Stock Exchange as ONE.BH

BSX Trading History (BMD)

Unadjusted For Stock Dividends and Stock Splits

BSX Market Cap. History (BMD)

Date Shares Issued Price Market Cap
2021/02/10 40,319,339 3.95 159,261,389




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