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Argus Group Holdings Limited: Purchase of Securities

28 September 2023

Hamilton, Bermuda: 28September 2023 - In a filing with the Bermuda Stock Exchange (the “Exchange”), Argus Group Holdings Limited (the "Company"; Ticker: AGH.BH) provided an amendment to the percentage of shares held by Equilibria Capital Management Limited. The full filing stated:


Argus Group Holdings Limited (the “Company”) – Purchase of Securities


Further to our letter dated 26 September 2023, it has come to our attention that our notification of the beneficial percentage ownership of securities held by Equilibria Capital Management Limited of 27.2% was incorrect. The error was due to some issues with the feed received from the BSD that resulted in Argus erroneously double counting the shares in one of Equilibria’s five nominees accounts. The correct advice should read as follows:


It has come to our attention that the Company’s shareholder, Equilibria Capital Management Limited (“Equilibria”), has acquired a beneficial interest in a sufficient number of securities of the Company, so as to become a holder of twenty-five point three nine percent (25.39%) of the Company’s securities.



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