c/o Praxis Fund Services Limited
PO Box 296
Sarnia House
Le Truchot
St Peter Port
Guernsey GY1 4NA
Listed Since: 2002/08/15
Delisted on: 2013/05/06
Tel: +44 1481 737 600
Fax: +44 1481 749 829
Email: info@praxisgroup.com

This fund is a continuation of the Global Investment Basket LImited that was approved by the BSX Listings Committee 15 August 2002.
The original Company was obliged to redeem the Existing Share Issue on 30 October 2007 at the redemption price. The Directors proposed a Special Resolution to holders of Existing Shares to the effect that shareholders who do not wish to have all or some of their Existing Issued Shares redeemed shall be entitled to remain shareholders in the Company and the rights attached to such Existing Shares shall be amended such that those Existing Issued Shares shall have the rights as described in the Prospectus.
The Special Resolution was adopted at the meeting of Shareholders on 23 July 2007, and the Directors were authorised to issue and allot on 31 October 2007 up to 100,000 Ordinary Shares (of the same class of shares as those currently in Issue) at a price equal to the fair market value of the Existing Shares pursuant to the Prospectus.
The investment objective of the Company is to provide investors with an equity investment that will provide GBP capital protection, and the potential for capital growth. Information on the Company can be obtained from the Administrator, Praxis Fund Services Limited at

Appleby Securities (Bermuda) Ltd sponsored the listing of the Ordinary Shares of the Global Investment Basket Limited. The securities are being listed under the Listing Regulations for Collective Investment Schemes and the provisions for Regular Marketing.
Further information on the Global Investment Basket Limited Company can be obtained from the Administrator, Praxis Fund Services Limited at

Company Contact Name:  Janine Lewis and Jane March

Guernsey Registration No. 39784

Please be advised that fund prices are indicative only and should not be relied upon.

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