Delisted on: 2010/12/16
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The Fund was incorporated on 25 April 2002 under the laws of the British Virgin Islands as an open-ended investment company and is classified as a Professional Fund under the Mutual Funds Act 1996.

The Fund has been established as a master-feeder structure and will invest primarily into a portfolio of funds managed by Octane Management Ltd.

The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve a long-term net return to investors of US CPI (Consumer Price Inflation), as stated by (bis refers to the the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Labor Department) plus 6% per annum. The Fund will seek to achieve this objective primarily by utilizing a strategy of investing in other hedge funds and fund of funds that maintain little or no significant correlation to the global equity markets, as indicated by the MSCI World Index ( and has an an annualized standard deviation that is significantly lower that that of the MSCI World Index.

Granted voluntary de-listing, effective 16 December, 2010, at request of Directors (no current shareholders) as permitted under the BSX Listing Regulations, Section I, Chapter 2, Regulation 2.31

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