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 Renaissance Securities Trading Limited, a company incorporated in Bermuda on 2 February 1998, undertook the Program.

Under the Program, Renaissance Securities Trading Limited (the "Issuer") may from time to time issue medium-term notes (the "Notes") in series, in any currency, subject to compliance with all applicable laws. Each Note issued by the Issuer will have the benefit of the guarantee of Renaissance Capital Holdings Limited as guarantor as to all amounts of principal and premium and interest, if any, payable on or in respect of the Notes. The maximum principal amount of Notes outstanding may not at any time exceed US$1,000,000,000 (or the equivalent in other currencies), provided that the Issuer reserves the right to increase such amount from time to time.

Renaissance Securities (Cyprus) Limited is the arranger for the Program.

The Notes, which may be issued at their principal amount or at a premium or discount to their principal amount, may bear interest on a fixed or floating rate basis or be issued on a fully discounted basis and not bear interest.



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