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Listed Since: 2006/08/21
Delisted on: 2015/01/02
BSX Ticker: IAL.BH
ISIN: BMG493891029
FIGI: BBG000G4R496
Tel: 1 441 295 2043
Fax: 1 441 295 2047
Email: info@cohort.bm

iO Adria Limited (formerly known as "Jupiter Adria Limited" - name changed effective 01 August, 2011), is an incorporated Bermuda exempt company. The Company was incorporated to act as an evergreen investment company specialising in the sourcing, development, management and operation of high end leisure and leisure related businesses primarily located in Croatia.


The Company's strategic objective is to deliver superior returns on investment to its shareholders by becoming one of the pre-eminent providers of high-end leisure services in Croatia. The Company's investment strategy is to acquire, operate and develop businesses that benefit from the expected rapid and sustained growth in the travel and tourism sector in Croatia. To the extent considered appropriate, the Company will also consider opportunities that arise in neighbouring countries. The Company's core investments will be in hotel, resort, residential property and operating companies. The delivery of this strategy will incorporate the acquisition, development or redevelopment, and sale of real estate assets. The Company will aim to implement best practice hotel and resort management practices, including improved international marketing and sales focus. Inherent in this approach will be the optimal upgrading of existing facilities as well as the development of new sites, as appropriate. The Company will look to work with international hotel and resort brands, and will also aim to develop own-branded resorts, hotels, products and services. The Company intends to deliver increasing value to shareholders through a blend of profit growth deriving from operating businesses, development profits, capital growth deriving from property improvement and anticipated appreciating property values and from the sale of non-core assets and businesses.



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