11 New Street, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2PF

Listed Since: 2007/12/27
Delisted on: 2015/06/01
Tel: +44 1481 732153
Fax: +44 1481 712167
Email: Valerie.Goodwin@legisgroup.com

Fund Investment Objective: The Company will be focussed on the global property market excluding South Africa and Guernsey and with limited exposure to other emerging markets. The EU property market will feature prominently in the Company's investment targets due to it being one of the largest, most active and transparent property markets in the world. First world, stable economies with growth potential will feature as the main investment options for the Company. In the initial stages it is anticipated that the Company will invest predominately in the United Kingdom.


The Company will operate and build up a property portfolio in first world countries, mainly in the European Union ("EU"). It intends to operate in the markets outside of the large institutional market playground. It has identified niche markets where commercial properties in the 2 to 15 million Euro range offer good value and growth prospects.


The intention of the Company is to find properties within the identified markets that offer value for future growth.


This may mean that funds may not be allocated for investment immediately after receipt thereof by the Company, but that the funds will rather be committed when appropriate investments have been identified. The investment in such properties may be made directly or indirectly via an Affiliate.



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