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Universal Growth (Class A Participating Shares):


The investment objective of this Class is to attain an attractive risk/return while at the same time maintaining a low correlation to traditional investments. To achieve this objective, this Class pursues an inventive long and short portfolio strategy according to a systematic, quantitative investment approach.

The Investment Manager of this Class will make use of its own designed software tools to advice investment decision politics, but will also use external software applications like SAS statistics and FINCAD.

Equities and equity-type securities, which are listed mainly on the European, Swiss and US exchanges, as well as derivative instruments are both bought (long positions) and sold short (short positions). Only covered positions are taken in both cases. In the stock-picking process for investments, the focus is on the assessment of individual companies. This assessment is performed on the basis of a quantitative, systematic process (own statistical designed measurement tools) and takes into consideration the corresponding risk parameters. Both this Class' long and short positions may not exceed a maximum of 100% of the invested capital. Should either a long or short position exceed this limit, it is to be returned to below the limit while safeguarding investors' interest within a period of 10 stock trading days. Freely available assets are to be placed in fixed interest investments such as bonds, time deposits, call money and similar instruments.


Long positions are identical to the purchasing of equities with a traditional investment strategy. In contrast, short positions do not occur in a traditional investment strategy. They represent the uncovered or short selling of securities, i.e. the sale of stocks which are not contained in a portfolio. Short sales are affected by borrowing the relevant securities for a fee (securing borrowing) and delivering them to the buyer. A short trade is terminated by buying the required securities on a stock exchange and closing the contract for the borrowed securities.

In the case of a short sale, this Class receives the purchase price in cash. Basically, futures contracts may be used as currency hedges.

This Class may also invest in units of regulated investment funds selected by the Investment Manager. 


This Class may hold up to 100% of its net assets in liquidity and money market instruments which have a residual term of not more than 12 months at the time of acquisition.


BSX cancelled the listing of Master Fund Limited under the BSX Regulations, Sec I, Chapter 2, Regulation 2.24(1) & (4)for non-payment of listing fees and failure to submit, as required, audited financial reports on 15 March, 2013.





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