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Listed Since: 2010/03/10
Currency: CHF
CUSIP: G0696W101
ISIN: BMG0696W1010
Bloomberg Global ID: BBG000BGNLQ1
Telephone: 441-292-6952
Fax: 441-295-4164

The Aurum Managed Dollar Portfolio Ltd. (“the Dollar Fund”) was originally incorporated as Aurum Managed Portfolio Ltd. in the British Virgin Islands on 26 November 2001 and was continued in Bermuda on 1 December 2003. The Aurum Managed Portfolio Ltd.

(“the Master Fund”), Aurum Managed Euro Portfolio Ltd. (“the Euro Fund”) and Aurum Managed Sterling Portfolio Ltd. (“the Sterling Fund”) were incorporated in Bermuda on 19 August 2004. Aurum Managed Swiss Franc Portfolio Ltd. (“the Swiss Franc Fund”) was incorporated in Bermuda on 2 February 2010.

The Dollar Fund, Euro Fund, Sterling Fund and the Swiss Franc Fund collectively are the “Feeder Funds” and with the Master Fund constitute “The Funds”.

The Feeder Funds invest solely, apart from currency hedging intended to protect the base currency value, into US Dollar denominated Participating Shares of the Master Fund which will not otherwise be available to subscribers.

The Participating Shares of the Feeder Funds will be valued in their specific currencies. The Participating Shares of the Master Fund will be valued in US Dollars. The Euro Fund, the Sterling Fund and the Swiss Franc Fund whilst investing into US Dollar valued Participating Shares of the Master Fund will, by appropriate currency hedging, seek to protect the value of their shares in Euro, Sterling and Swiss Franc terms respectively irrespective of movements in currency values between the US Dollar, Euro, Sterling and Swiss Franc.

The Master Fund will invest principally in US Dollar valued investments which in turn are likely to hold investments in other currencies. The Master Fund will not protect the US Dollar value of its assets against movement in currency value but will take the possibility of such movements into account in its investment policy.

The objective is to secure so far as possible that the Euro Fund, the Sterling Fund and the Swiss Franc Fund make neither gain nor loss from currency fluctuations in respect of their base currency and the US Dollar except as may arise within the underlying portfolio of the Master Fund.

Subscribers to the Euro Fund, the Sterling Fund and the Swiss Franc Fund should appreciate that whilst it is hoped that the currency hedging programme will safeguard them against reductions in value of their Euro, Sterling and Swiss Franc shares by reason of a fall in value of the US Dollar against the Euro, Sterling or Swiss Franc, it will not protect them against general under-performance including from underlying currency risk of the Master Fund and will remove any benefit of a rise in value of the US Dollar against the Euro, Sterling and Swiss Franc. The hedging is not intended to provide protection in terms of currency valuation in the period between redemption Dealing Day and payment of redemption proceeds or in respect of substantial changes in portfolio value within the current month after the hedging for the month has been fixed.

It is intended that the Euro Fund, the Sterling Fund and the Swiss Franc Fund will bear their own costs of hedging the currency risk and will provide such cost out of subscriptions or redemptions of Participating Shares held in the Master Fund. Subject to this, the Feeder Funds will invest solely into the Master Fund.

The Master Fund will pay the Administrators, the Custodian and the Investment Adviser and audit and minor out of pocket expenses and directors fees of all the Funds and organisational expenses subsequent to initial costs except where determined by  the Directors to be specific to a particular Feeder Fund. Each Fund will otherwise bear its own costs and liabilities.

When shareholders request redemption of Participating Shares that they hold in the Feeder Funds an appropriate redemption will be made of  the Participating Shares in the Master Fund to facilitate such redemption.

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