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22 Victoria Street

Listed Since: 2012/04/30
Delisted on: 2014/04/30
BSX Ticker: US300141AA69
CUSIP: 300141AA6
ISIN: US300141AA69
Tel: 1 (441) 296-8453
Fax: 1 (441) 295-8472

$750,000,000 Series 2012-1 Class A Principal At-Risk Variable Rate Notes due April 30, 2014

The Notes are exposed to first and subsequent Florida Hurricane Events on a per occurrence basis. The Notes will be issued in United States currency, and in minimum denominations of $250,000 and integral multiples of $1,000 in excess thereof.


Everglades Re Ltd. is a Company established as an exempted company under the laws of Bermuda on 12 March 2012 under company number 46341 with registered office address at Emporium Building, 269 Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda, and registered as a Special Purpose Insurer on 2 April, 2012.



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