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Tel: 855-419-GOLD
Fax: 646-219-6326
Email: Info@GoldBarLtd.com
Other Ticker: B7GN
ISIN: BMG9457E2002
CUSIP: G9457E200

Website: www.GoldBarLtd.com

Company Description:


Gold Bar Development & Consulting Ltd. is a Bermuda based Gold Exploration & Consulting Company with significant holdings deep in the Gold Rich Jungles of Guyana, South America. Guyana is located on the Northern Coast of South America in between Venezuela and Brazil and is an English speaking pro-mining country.


Our team is comprised of Manhattan Executives and Guyanese Entrepreneurs with deep roots to the local mining community. Through our history of servicing some of the largest and oldest mining companies in Guyana, we have gained invaluable knowledge in efficient alluvial gold mining processes, infrastructure, site development, and telecommunications systems.


Our core processes are a combination of those used by top firms in the industry, and we pride ourselves on pushing the current standards and raising the bar. We strive to provide excellence in all business divisions and continue to create long-term investment opportunities for our shareholders and clients.


We are committed to continually building shareholder value by capitalizing on opportunities, which will drive revenues and earnings growth while making strategic acquisitions.


Also Listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange Quotation Board by the Deutsche Borse AG effective February 17, 2014, under the ticker symbol: B7GN.


Bermuda Listing Sponsor - as at 01 July, 2013:

Cohort Limited., Tel: (441) 295-2043 

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