51 JFK Parkway, 1st Floor West, Short Hills, NJ 07078 USA
Listed Since: 2012/11/27
Delisted on: 2017/02/17
BSX Ticker: GSE.BH
CUSIP: U3908B703
ISIN: USU3908B7039
Tel: (973) 218-2723
Fax: (201) 471-0614
Email: jduey@greenstatesenergy.com

Company Description:

Green States Energy, Inc. is an Independent Power Producer that acquires, develops and operates clean electric generating plants in North America. The Company currently owns six operating solar PV power plants in North Carolina with a total capacity of more than 5 megawatts ("MW") ($30M asset value). The Company’s project pipeline comprises clean generation that includes solar PV, biomass, and cogeneration/combined heat and power plants. The Company’s goal is to develop, own, and operate over 200MW of clean electricity generation assets by 2017, which would set a firm foundation for it to become a leading Independent Power Producer. With proven expertise in engineering, construction, interconnection, and project finance, and with access to both debt and tax equity markets, GSE has the ability to take clean energy power plant projects through the development process, through financing and construction, to operational status.

The Company has U.S. offices in Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Wisconsin and a European office in Agno-Lugano, Switzerland. The Company’s headquarters address is 51 JFK Parkway, 1st Floor West, Short Hills, NJ 07078.





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