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Delisted on: 2016/03/28
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This series is for US$250,000,000 specifically the Series 2013-1, Class A Principal-at-Risk Variable Rate Notes due March 28, 2016 (the "Series 2013-1 Notes" "the Notes"). The Series 2013-1 Notes are exposed to first and subsequent Florida Hurricane Events on a per occurrence basis.


The Notes are issued by Everglades Re Ltd. pursuant to its Principal At-Risk Variable Rate Note Program.


The Ceding Insurer for the "Series 2013-1 Notes" is Citizens Property Insurance Corporation or any successor thereto ("Ceding Insurer"). The Ceding Insurer is a legislatively-created government entity that provides residential and commercial property and casualty insurance cover for owners of certain properties in the State of Florida, as specified in Section 627.351(6), Florida Statutes, as amended.


The Series 2013-1 Notes will be offered by Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Loop Capital Markets LLC (each, an "Initial Purchaser" and together, the "Initial Purchasers").




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