5th Floor, Andrew’s Place,
51 Church Street,
Hamilton HM 12
Listed Since: 2013/11/08
Delisted on: 2015/01/19
CUSIP: G3041V109
ISIN: BMG3041V1090
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Energy Solutions, Registration No.: 47866 is a Bermuda exempted company, incorporated on June 26, 2013, registered and existing under the laws of Bermuda, with a registered office at:  5th Floor, Andrew’s Place, 51 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda provided by OSIRIS Limited. The share register is kept at the registered office.


Energy Solutions was incorporated in June 2013 and is focused on acquiring shareholdings in private and public companies, which are active in the field of renewable energies worldwide. The target companies either have to own rights in innovative technologies or must be active in young developing markets. 


Energy Solutions initially was able to acquire a 60% shareholding in BR-Energy PLC, London, an English public corporation, which is listed in the First Quotation Section of the GXG-Market, London. BR-Energy PLC has a 25% shareholding in Hayat Enerji AS, Istanbul, Turkey. Hayat Enerji AS is a Turkish private corporation, which is active in the field of renewable energies in Turkey. Hayat Enerji AS in 2012 formed a 49/51 Joint Venture with CW Energy Ltd., Antalya, Turkey. CW Energy Ltd. produces and distributes technology for solar energy plants and sells and builds “off grid” solar energy solutions. The team of CW Energy Ltd. was able to cover a share of 12% of the Turkish market for solar energy in the years 2010 to 2012.


The Turkish market for renewable energies, particularly for solar energy is regarded as having a high growth potential. The Turkish need for energy is projected to grow by 6% per year. The government has resolved to boost efforts to become more independent of energy imports focussing on renewable energies. In regards to solar energy, only 12 MW in solar energy capacity have been built up to date. This is expected to rise up to 20 GW within the next years.


The initial aim of Energy Solutions is to further build its shareholdings in subsidiaries and help them finance their business expansion. It is planned to establish another production facility for solar energy modules and battery-solutions in Antalya. Further, it is planned to set up a research and development program, which is projected to be subsidised by the Turkish state for the development of more efficient solar energy technology.


Energy Solutions eventually plans to acquire further shareholdings in young companies, which it can help to grow and expand, ideally with synergies from the already existing shareholdings.



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