c/o Marsh Management Services (Dublin) Limited
25/28 Adelaide Rd
Dublin 2
Listed Since: 2014/04/24
Delisted on: 2017/04/28
Other Ticker: BBG006CZWGC1
ISIN: XS1059636966
Tel: 353 1 605 3000
Fax: 353 1 605 3010
Email: spvireland@marsh.com

Lion I Re Limited (the "Issuer") is an Irish private limited company to be authorized as a special purpose reinsurance vehicle in Ireland under Part 6 of the European Communities (Reinsurance) Regulations, 2006. The Issuer was incorporated under the laws of Ireland on 06 January, 2014 under company number 537537.

Issuance: EUR 190,000,000.00 Principal At-Risk Variable Notes due 28 April, 2017 (the "Notes"). The Notes will be issued in minimum denominations of EUR 205,000.00 and integral multiples of EUR 1,000.00 in excess thereof.

The Notes are exposed to Europe Windstorm Events affecting the Covered Area on a per occurrence basis during the Risk Period.

The Ceding Insurer is Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A, which will pool exposures to the Subject Business from policies written by the Generali Group Companies operating in the Covered Area.




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