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Listed Since: 2014/08/04
Delisted on: 2016/10/18
BSX Ticker: CTV.BH
CUSIP: G2294C107
ISIN: BMG2294C1073
Tel: 714-528-9016
Fax: 714-528-9033
Email: carol.stansbury@cleartvmedia.com

Clear TV Ltd (“the Company” or “CTV”), headquartered in Burbank, CA, operates broadcast television networks installed in select away-from-home venues where people endure lengthy wait (“dwell”) times and are reached effectively with engaging, in-demand, short-form programming and commercial advertisements.

CTV has forged content partnerships with over 200 producers and providers, including CBS, ABC-Disney, FOX, NBC Universal, Scripps Networks and other major studios/cable channels; CTV edits content to short-form clips (readymade for quick consumption) at its own state-of-the-art IPTV production studio in Burbank. CTV avoids places of transient, passive retail venues where connections with consumers are brief (e.g., gas pumps, taxicabs, supermarkets) in favor of venues where dwells are lengthy and meaningful consumer engagement is possible. This requires programming to be genuinely compelling and of real interest to the viewer; entertainment-centric programming is the focus. The Company operates in three verticals; Healthcare, Airport, and a global digital platform.

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