C/o Peregrine Corporate Services Limited Burleigh Manor Peel Road Douglas Isle of Man IM1 5EP

Listed Since: 2015/01/30
Delisted on: 2017/09/01

Hayward Tyler Group PLC (the "Company") was incorporated in the Isle of Man, registered number 010648V, is a specialist engineering group and has established a GBP 10 million secured loan note programme.

The Loan Note Programme, which ranks behind the Company's banking facilities, was established in January 2015 to provide a diversified source of funding and support the Company's strategy for growth. The Company successfully issued £3 million of loan notes in 2015 to partially fund the extension to the Centre of Excellence. Tied to the ongoing development of the business, the Company will use the proceeds of the new issue to repay short-term borrowings under its revolving credit facility ("RCF"). An amount of approximately £3 million borrowed under the RCF was used to purchase fixed assets for the Centre of Excellence and, accordingly, the new issue under the Loan Note Programme enables the Group to match long-term assets with medium to long term debt. HTG currently intends to leave an already authorised, but not issued amount of around £4 million to be available under the Loan Note Programme for the funding of further growth opportunities.






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