LOM Asset Management Limited LOM Building 27 Reid Street Hamilton HM 11 Bermuda
Listed Since: 2015/03/03
BSX Currency: GBP
CUSIP: G55625209
ISIN: BMG556252093
Tel: 441 295 6999
Fax: 441 295 0135
Open To: General Public

The LOM Funds SAC Ltd. - LOM Fixed Income Fund GBP (the “Fund”) is a class of Participating Shares (the “Class”) established by LOM Funds SAC Ltd. (the “Company”) for investment by prospective investors. The Fund is a segregated account of the Company established pursuant to the Bermuda Companies Act 1981 (as amended), and registered under the Segregated Accounts Companies Act 2000 (as amended). Capitalised terms used in this Class Supplement, where not defined herein, shall have the same meanings ascribed thereto in the Information Memorandum of Association and/or the Bye-laws of the Company unless otherwise stated.

Investment Objective

The LOM Funds SAC Ltd. - LOM Fixed Income Fund GBP is an absolute return, investment grade bond fund. The fund’s objective is to outperform short-term interest rates in Sterling while preserving capital.


NAV History (GBP)





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