Marsh IAS Management Services (Dublin) Limited 4th Floor 25/28 Adelaide Road Dublin 2 Ireland
Listed Since: 2016/05/20
Delisted on: 2020/12/02
CUSIP: 74825RAA6
ISIN: US74825RAA68
Tel: (353) 1-604-8100

Queen Street XII Re dac (“Issuer”) is an Irish designated activity company limited by shares authorized by the Central Bank as a special purpose reinsurance vehicle in Ireland. The Issuer was incorporated under the Companies Acts 2014 (the “2014 Act”) as a single member designated activity company (dac) under the laws of Ireland on February 23, 2016 under company number 577757.

Queen Street XII Re dac US$190,000,000 Principal-at-Risk Variable Rate Notes, Due April 8, 2020 are exposed to Hurricane Events and Europe Windstorm Events on a per occurrence basis during the applicable Risk Period.




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