C/o Horseshoe Management Ltd.
Emporium Building
69 Front Street, 5th Floor
Hamilton HM12, Bermuda
Listed Since: 2016/05/26
Delisted on: 2021/04/26
ISIN: XS1392213119
Tel: 441-295-8478
Email: operational@horseshoe.bm

Operational Re Ltd. (the “Issuer”), is a Bermuda exempted company registered as a special purpose insurer under the Insurance Act 1978. The Issuer is not, and does not intend to become, a licensed insurance or reinsurance company in any State of the United States or in any jurisdiction other than Bermuda. The Issuer was incorporated under the laws of Bermuda on November 13 2015 with registration number 50875.

Operational Re Ltd CHF 220,000,000 Principal-at-Risk Fixed Rate Notes will be split into two classes (Class A having two tranches):

CHF 105,000,000 Class A Tranche 1 (“Class A-1 Notes”) Principal-at-Risk Fixed Rate Notes due April 8, 2021

CHF 5,000,000 Class A Tranche 2 (“Class A-2 Notes”) Principal-at-Risk Fixed Rate Notes due April 8, 2021

CHF 110,000,000 Class B Principal-at-Risk Fixed Rate Notes due April 8, 2021

The Class A-1 Notes will rank pari passau with Class A-2 Notes in all respects. The Class A Notes will rank senior to the Class B Notes in respect of Loss Reductions resulting from Operational Risk Events and Observation Period Payments, but will otherwise rank pari passu with the Class B Notes.

The Notes are exposed to the occurrence of one or more Operational Risk Events during the applicable Risk Period.




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