4, Rue Lou Hemmber,
l-1748 Findel,
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Listed Since: 2014/12/23
Delisted on: 2023/12/29
Tel: 352-26786650
Fax: 352-26786651

Madison Point Holdings S.A 100% subsidiary, Madison Point Investment S.à r.l (“MPI”) directly owns Hellas Capital Leasing S.A. (“HCL”).  HCL was established in 1989 under the name Emporiki Leasing S.A. Since 1989, HCL has been a fully licensed leasing company by the Bank of Greece, in order to conduct “Financial Leasing under the provisions of Greek Law 1665/1986”.  In 2006; HCL became a 100% subsidiary of Credit Agricole Leasing & Factoring S.A. and member of the Credit Agricole Group. In October 2014 MPI acquired 100% of the share capital of HCL. The primary financial goals of the Issuer are to increase the economic value of HCL whilst observing compliance with all Bank of Greece guidelines and requirements.

Through HCL, the Issuer is seeking to develop a successful finance leasing company in Greece, with the resources and capitalization to tackle new opportunities as they arise and as its management deems appropriate, to the extent permitted by law and subject to applicable rules and ethical business practices.  The Directors believe that a significant value appreciation of HCL may occur in the future as a result of an improving Greek economy and more active management of the business.






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