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PCF Group Holdings Limited Extendable Note Programme intends to issue a total principal amount £83,000,000 of Notes. PCF Group Holdings Limited was incorporated under the laws of England & Wales with registered number 2794633. PCF Group Holdings Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Private & Commercial Finance Group plc (“PCFG”). PCFG shares trade on AIM (Ticker: PCF: LN). PCFG is the parent company of the Group, consisting of specialist finance companies engaged in the provision of finance for vehicles, plant and equipment for consumers and businesses.

Bermuda Commercial Bank Limited (“BCB”) is the majority shareholder of the Group and has agreed to provide financing facilities to the Group to assist with the Group’s general corporate objectives. The Programme will be used by the Group to facilitate its financing activities. As at the date hereof, it is not expected that the Notes will be widely held, rather that BCB will act as the initial investor in the Notes and hold to maturity. 

Note Issue #2 was admitted to the BSX on September 28, 2016 and consists of 5% £3,500,000 Notes, due July 7, 2021 coming under Section IIIB of the BSX Listing regulations for Qualified Investors.




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