Clarendon House
2 Church Street,
Hamilton, HM 11 Bermuda
Listed Since: 2018/09/28
Delisted on: 2024/03/19

CRA Aircraft Holdings Bermuda Limited, is an exempted company formed under the laws of Bermuda with registration number 52096 and registered office at Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton, HM 11 Bermuda and a subsidiary of CRA Aircraft Holdings LLC, the current Noteholder


The Note will be a subordinated obligation of the Issuer issued to CRA Aircraft Holdings LLC on  24 September, 2018. The Note will be in definitive certificated form registered in the name of CRA Aircraft Holdings LLC. The Note will mature on 31 December 2024, unless prepaid in full prior thereto in accordance with the terms of the Note. 


The minimum denomination of the Note will be US$300,000. 


The Note will be issued in connection with a restructuring pursuant to which the CRA Holdings will convert certain of its equity capital contributions to the Issuer into subordinated debt evidenced by the Note. Substantially all amounts raised by the Issuer from CRA Holdings initially in the form of the Capital Contribution and, after the Restructuring as subordinated debt evidenced by the Note, together with the remaining amount of the Capital Contribution and the proceeds of the Term Loan, were used to acquire the Aircraft and related Leases. To the extent the proceeds were not used for these purposes, the Issuer will use the proceeds for general corporate purposes.





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