St James House, The Square, Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA2 3BH, England United Kingdom
Listed Since: 2017/05/10
Delisted on: 2020/03/23
Tel: 01225 474230
Fax: 01225 808966

1pm PLC is an independent finance company lending to SMEs across the UK. The Company provides financing solutions to UK SMEs looking to grow their business and acquire business-critical assets. The principal activity of the Company is to act as the holding company for the Group.

The Company’s Programme consists of secured loan notes with variable interest rates and maturities issued and to be issued by the Company in Series up to a total principal amount of £7,500,000.

1pm PLC - £900,000 Secured Loan Note - Issue 001, 7.00% Notes Due 15 March 2020.




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