Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton, Bermuda
Listed Since: 2020/02/03
BSX Currency: USD
Tel: 441 278 4542
Open To: Qualified Investors

Eagle Re 2020-1 Ltd., is a Special Purpose Insurer and a Bermuda exempted company incorporated on 13 March 2019 under the laws of Bermuda. Its registered office is Clarendon House 2 Church Street Hamilton, HM 06, Bermuda and its associated office is c/o Aon Insurance Managers (Bermuda) Ltd., Aon House, 30 Woodbourne Avenue, Pembroke, HM 08, Bermuda.Its issued shares are held pursuant to the terms of Eagle Re 2020-1 Purpose Trust by Conyers Trust Company (Bermuda) Limited as share trustee (the “Share Trustee”). The business of the Issuer will consist solely of the issuance of the Series 2020-1 Notes, and the entering into and performance of reinsurance agreements, other risk transfer agreements and related agreements.

Eagle Re 2020-1 Ltd., US$0 Reg S, Class M-2 Series 2020-l Mortgage lnsurance-Linked Notes;


Note M-2A, M-2B and M-2C are subsets of M-2. 





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