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142 Seafarers Way, Suite 201
George Town - Cayman Islands
Listed Since: 2020/09/18
BSX Currency: USD
ISIN: KYG4404X1043
Open To: Qualified Investors

Overview of the Investment Program:-


Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF’s (the “Company”) investment objective is to provide investment results that minimize the tracking difference of the performance of the Nasdaq Crypto Index (the“Index”) on a 12-month window. The Index is being co-developed by the Investment Manager and Nasdaq, Inc. (“Nasdaq” / the “Index Administrator”), and maintained on an ongoing basis by Nasdaq and/or its subordinates. The Index is being designed to track the performance of those digital assets that are meant to represent a substantial portion of the overall digital asset market, as will be ascertained by certain public data sources as measured by Nasdaq. The Index will utilize a rules based methodology to periodically adjust constituents and weightings to reflect changes in the digital asset market. The Company will pursue its investment objective through investments in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets (collectively, “Cryptocurrencies”) that are tracked by the Index. The Investment Manager intends to pursue the Company’s investment objectives primarily by investing directly in Cryptocurrencies that comprise the Index.


Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF up to 3,000,000 Participating Class E Shares of USD$1000 each share .

At the date of listing 10 (ten) Participating Class E Shares were issued at a price of US$1000 per share.

NAV History (USD)

BSX Market Cap. History (USD)

Date Shares Issued Price Market Cap
At Listing 10   0
2021/03/03 2,990,000 5,610.00 16,773,900,000





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