Clarendon House
2 Church Street,
Hamilton HM 11
Listed Since: 2020/11/20
Delisted on: 2024/01/08
CUSIP: 90215BAA5
ISIN: US90215BAA52
Tel: 441-297-9778

2001 CAT Re, Ltd., is a  Bermuda exempted company incorporated on October 12, 2020 under the laws of Bermuda. Its registered office is Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda and its principal office is c/o Marsh Management Services (Bermuda) Ltd., Power House, 7 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda. The purpose of the issuance of the Series 2020-1 Notes under the Program (the “Offering”) is to collateralize and fund its obligations under the related Reinsurance Agreement pursuant to which it may be obligated to make certain payments to the Ceding Insurer upon the occurrence of one or more loss events during the applicable risk periods.



2001 CAT Re, Ltd., US$210,000,000 Series 2020-1 Class A Principal At-Risk Variable Rate Notes Due January 8, 2024;




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