Canon’s Court
22 Victoria Street
Hamilton, HM12
Listed Since: 2022/04/07
BSX Currency: USD
CUSIP: 577092AR0
ISIN: US577092AR05
Open To: Qualified Investors

Matterhorn Re Ltd., acting in respect of the Argon Segregated Account., is a special purpose insurer established under the laws of Bermuda and was incorporated in Bermuda on September 12, 2018 and licensed as a special purpose insurer effective as of September 14, 2018.  Matterhorn Re is registered as a segregated accounts company under the SAC Act.


Matterhorn Re Ltd. - "Argon" SAC  US$150,000,000 Series 2022-1 Class A Principal-at-Risk Variable Rate Notes due January 25, 2027., pursuant to its Program.




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