Victoria Place
5th Floor, 31 Victoria Street
Hamilton, HM 10
Listed Since: 2023/04/24
BSX Currency: USD
CUSIP: 13947LAE2
ISIN: US13947LAE20
Tel: 441-2958478
Open To: Qualified Investors

Cape Lookout Re Ltd (“Issuer”) is a Bermuda exempted company incorporated under the laws of Bermuda on 4 January 2019 under company number 54332. The Issuer was registered as a Special Purpose Insurer under the Bermuda Insurance Act 1978. All of Cape Lookout Re Ltd.’s issued and outstanding share capital (one share of common stock, par value $1.00 per share) linked to its general account is held by the Share Trustee, as trustee of the Purpose Trust pursuant to the Declaration of Trust.


Cape Lookout Re Ltd. US$350,000,000 Series 2023-1 Class A - Principal-At-Risk Variable Rate Notes due April 28, 2026.,




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