2 Fison Way,
Thetford Norfolk,
IP24 1HT
United Kingdom

BSX Currency: GBP

Website: www.semalease.com/

Sema Lease UK Limited (the “Company”) is incorporated and registered in the United Kingdom (Company # 0503615).  The Company acquires blocks of light motor vehicles from the major motor manufacturers at preferential prices and leases these cars to businesses, daily rental companies and individuals on 12 or 24 month contracts. The Company currently has a fleet of approximately 2,400 vehicles. The Company’s profits are generated by renting cars at a margin on its monthly funding cost, which comprises interest and depreciation, and, wherever possible, by disposing of the vehicles for an amount in excess of the predetermined future value.

The Company is funded institutionally and through its Secured Loan Note Programme (the “Programme”) which has enabled the Company to diversify its financing and to increase flexibility to negotiate terms with car manufacturers.

The Company’s Programme consist of secured loan notes with variable interest rates and maturities issued and to be issued by the Company in Series up to a total principal amount of £35,000,000.  Notes issued under the Programme will be offered only to Qualified Investors under Section IIIB of the BSX Listings Regulations.

Annual reports are located on the Programme webpage.

Sema Lease UK Ltd - Series 42- Issue 091, £1,055,000 10% Notes Due 20 November, 2024.




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