19 Elliott Street
Hamilton HM 10

Listed Since: 1970/01/01
Delisted on: 2010/07/12
BSX Ticker: MHL.BH
ISIN: BMG495401009
Tel: (441) 295 1944
Fax: (441) 295 0545

MediaHouse Limited is a dynamic and diverse international communications company with businesses in Bermuda, the Caribbean and the United States covering commercial printing, newspapers, magazines, directories and Internet.

PreviewPreview of Bermuda is the Island's leading tourist magazine. For almost 50 years it has been providing visitors with a comprehensive monthly guide to Bermuda's best shops, restaurants, events and attractions.

Bermuda.comBermuda.com is the island's No.1 internet portal, dynamically connecting visitors with Bermudian businesses, products and services through innovation and technology.

Bermuda SunPublished twice weekly, the Bermuda Sun is the Island's most trusted newspaper, serving the community by telling it as it is - the facts without the fluff.

Island PressIsland Press Limited is Bermuda's premier full-service commercial printer, producing a wide range of high quality work for a demanding international market.

IECL Information still to come.

Global DirectoriesGlobal Directories Limited is the leading publisher of print and online directories in the Caribbean region with offices in 11 countries. Our 16 directories for the Caribbean are distributed in more than 30 countries.

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2010/07/06 493,901 9.50 4,692,060




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