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Butterfield Securities is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited.  The company offers both advisory and execution only services for those wishing to buy or sell stocks on the local BSX as well as on most of the world's major stock markets. If you are interested in purchasing individual stocks and/or bonds, our experienced professionals are pleased to conduct transactions on your behalf.


The company receives research and advice from Butterfield Asset Management, also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Butterfield.  A client of Butterfield Securities is also a client of Butterfield Asset Management.  Butterfield Asset Management's objective is to combine superior long-term investment performance with a high level of client service. We tailor portfolios to meet clients' needs within a range of customised risk and return parameters, offering discretionary investment management, brokerage services and a selection of top-quality mutual funds.



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