Orbis Funds Limited

01 April 2024

Hamilton, Bermuda:  1 April 2024 – In a filing with the Bermuda Stock Exchange, Orbis announced that with effect from 30 January 2024, James Dorr resigned as a Director of Orbis Institutional Funds Limited and as Secretary of each of the Orbis Funds. Samantha Scott has been appointed as Secretary of each of these Orbis Funds. The said funds are listed below:

Orbis Global Equity Fund Limited, Orbis Japan Equity (US$) Fund Limited, Orbis Optimal (US$) Fund Limited, Orbis Optimal SA Fund Limited, Orbis Optimal Overlay Funds Limited and Orbis Institutional Funds Limited (together, the “Orbis Funds”)


Bermuda contact:

Orbis Investment Management Limited

Attn: Ms. Katharine Summerley

Tel: (441) 296-3000


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