The BSX is managed by a Council (Board of Directors), an Executive Management Committee, a Compensation Committee, a Membership, Trading and Settlement Committee, a Listing Committee and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  This note defines the composition and roles of each of these bodies in greater detail.


The Council


The Council comprises ten (10) full members, The Full Council membership is as follows:

Representative of Shareholder

Thomas Gallagher, Miami International Holdings, Inc.      Chairman


Senior Statesmen with relevant experience:

David Brown*                                                               Deputy Chairman


Representative from an International Listed Company or Collective Investment Scheme:

Eric Sites, Horizon Kinetics LLC*


The Chief Executive Officer (ex officio):

Gregory A. Wojciechowski


Industry Representatives:

Jeff Conyers*
Caroline Kennedy, President & CEO, Karma Agency*
Mark Massad, CEO, KB Corporate Finance LLC        
Michael Neff, Executive Vice President & Head of Group Asset Management, Butterfield Bank Ltd.*
Murray Stahl, Horizon Kinetics LLC*
Kurt Eckert*


* Denotes Independent Director


The Executive Management Committee

Thomas Gallagher
David Brown
Jeff Conyers
Michael Neff



Membership, Trading and Settlement Committee

Not currently active.



Compensation Committee

Thomas Gallagher
David Brown
Jeff Conyers
Michael Neff



The Listing Committee

Dudley Cottingham, Chairman
Sharon Beesley
Miguel DaPonte
Marco Montarsolo
Greg Wojciechowski



Business Development Committee

Eric Sites, Head
Jeff Conyers
Michael Neff
Greg Wojciechowski



The Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the President & Chief Operating Officer (COO) are appointed by the Council.  The Council has delegated to the CEO sufficient powers and functions to administer and manage the day to day operations of The BSX and to enforce the Regulations.


Other Officers

President & CEO

Gregory Wojciechowski


Company Secretary

Gregory Wojciechowski


Chief Compliance Officer

Ailish Byrne

The Chief Compliance Officer acts as the CEO when the CEO is unavailable.



BSD & Co.

Nominee Shareholder for the Bermuda Securities Depository. (BSD)


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